March 8, 2023
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Rolan Covert
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Greetings, Valley View Rotary family and friends!!! 
Thank you to Barb Kruse & Madalene Buelow for speaking to us last week about the WAFER new building project.  I am honored to be part of a community that continues to invest in both "good" and "helping".  
"The greatness of a community is most accurately measured by the compassionate actions of its members." - Coretta Scott King
Please join us this week as we learn about an organization in the La Crosse Community that is building a network of resources for extending even more "good" throughout the Coulee Region.  Executive Director, Tashyra Bernard will talk with us about 'Hope Restores'.
Thank you in advance to Katie for running our meeting this week as I will be travelling East to see my sister and her family in Asheville, NC.
Our Next Blood Drive is Here!
The next Valley View Rotary Red Cross Blood Drive runs from noon-5 p.m. Monday, March 6, at Stoney Creek Inn.
Valley View Rotary volunteers include:
Noon-2:30 p.m. Robert Smith and Dick Spencer
2:30-5 p.m. Shari Laffredi and Tan Pham
Please donate or encourage others to donate. Share the flyer from the Valley View Rotary Facebook page when it's posted. Donors may sign up to give blood at or 800-733-2767. Refer questions to Brad Quarberg at Thanks to all for making these drives a success!
Mobile Meals Sign-up is now live!
Our next week is March 20-26.  Sign up here ---> March 2023 Mobile Meals | Rotary Club of La Crosse-Valley View (  Thank you to all who have signed up so far, some spots are still open. 
Club Assembly coming soon...
Our next Club Assembly is March 22nd. Below are 4 questions we are hoping will guide each committees sharing:

1.  What are you most excited about accomplishing this year thus far?

2. Are there any committee accomplishments deserving of submitting for AOS recognition?

3.  What committee work is presently in the works?

4.  What support and/or resources/action do you need from the Board and/or Club members to further your committee's mission?

Here is the link to the Committee Membership Document which can be easily modified as desired:

Centering Onalaska Service Opportunity

Thank you to Sue Weideman for suggesting our involvement!  Centering Onalaska takes care of the pretty things around Onalaska like the hanging flower baskets, the fall decorations, storm water planters to name a few.    Their mission is all about the beautification of the area.

The group is smaller in size than it once was, and they just can't do everything they did before. They are looking for help in watering the hanging plants that hang in the City of Onalaska throughout the summer.  They have received grants that cover the costs of getting and making the planters so that is not anything we would have to help with.  The City of Onalaska has someone to water during the week, the group has to pay for that, but it's covered in a grant and endowment funds. They are looking for people to help water on weekends only.  There is a truck that has a tank of water on it and the tank gets hooked up to a low hose and boom, it's done.

They also may need help on reworking some of the storm drain planters.  They would be one day projects, so maybe a Saturday from 9 to 1.  They weren't completely sure.

I think this would be a great match for Valley View Rotary since there is no cost to us, it's a service project for the community and it's Onalaska, where our club has been from the beginning.

Please let me know if this a project you would be willing to assist with. I am hoping this "ad" creates enough buzz for Community Services to take on this project and create a sign-up in Club Runner for helping this season.

Join us for the Cultivating Effective Projects webinar series

All Rotary members are invited to participate in an exciting five-part webinar series designed to support you as you cultivate effective projects that will create a sustainable impact in your community and around the world. These webinars will offer tools and strategies to help you plan, find resources for, implement, and evaluate your projects, including youth service projects.

Learn more about the specific topics and register now:

Visit for more information.

TriCon 2023
Register today at!  Here is you opportunity to network with other Rotarians from THREE Rotary Districts, right here in La Crosse, April 27-29.  Hope to see everyone there! Register here:
New Member Orientation:

Our Rotary District will be hosting new member orientation throughout 2023. On every fifth Wednesday (March 29, May 31, August 30, November 29) at 7 a.m. or 7 p.m., new Rotarians – and Rotarians who feel new – can join others for an easy-going hour designed to give everyone a great start to a great Rotary experience.
We will offer a warm Rotary welcome, Rotary language acquisition, Rotary highlights, and a Rotary map. This is not a series, it is a single opportunity, offered four days a year, at 7 a.m. and 7 p.m. each of the four days. Remember! Fifth Wednesdays, 7 a.m. OR 7 p.m. email PDG Karen Hebert at for the link!
Rotary Friendship Exchange
District 6250 has 2 more Friendship Exchange opportunities on the calendar for this year:
Youth Exchange
The Sign-Up form has been updated through April.  Please sign up at this link here: Driver | Rotary Club of La Crosse-Valley View ( to assist in driving Earth and Gustaf to School from our Wednesday meeting.
Calendar of Events
** Monday ** 3/6 - ORA Trails - Outdoor Recreation Alliance is the guest caller at BBBB Bingo. $5,000 Jackpot, $1/game, $200 payouts. Food, Entertainment, Fun!!! Doors open at 4pm and First Call at 6pm.  La Crosse Center. 
March 6, Valley View Red Cross Blood Drive
March 8, International Women's Day - Check out #IWD2023 on Rotary events including a Facebook Live session with Rotary President Jennifer Jones on March 8th. 
March 10, Friday Night Comedy at The Main, 422 Main St, Downtown La Crosse. Doors @ 7pm, Show @ 8pm. $10.
March 20-26, Valley View Rotary Mobile Meals Week
May 25th, Valley View Rotary Mobile Meals Week
Event Resources:
Thank you, Rotarian friends, for all you do for our community and our world!

Welcome to Valley View Rotary!
Wednesdays at 7:30 AM
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Join us on Zoom here: (Zoom Password is 469027) Check schedule as we do not meet in person every Wednesday and at times meet at another location.
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